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vege hut bakery founder 

In 1984, co-founders Clive and Lois Harris established Vege Hut Ltd. At that time, there were only a few health food stores in Guelph, Ontario, trying to meet the growing demand for healthy alternatives. As a graduate of the School of Natural Health Care in Ontario, Clive was determined to use his knowledge of healthy living to help meet the needs of those in his community. Twenty seven years later, Vege Hut has expanded it’s reach to most of Southern Ontario, and has met the needs of thousands of customers along the way. Clive and Lois are living testaments to the power of a dream.

our mission vege hut bakery
At Vege Hut, we are committed to the promotion of healthy living within the communities we serve.

Our Commitment to You vege hut bakery
We are dedicated to providing home-style, quality baked goods that are made from scratch on a daily basis. We are devoted to using high quality, simple ingredients without the addition of preservatives during the baking process. By providing nutritious products, we are committed to helping you eat good and live well!


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