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Vege Patties vege hut 

Looking for a great lunch or dinner mate? Try our Vege Patties…you may want to call them pockets! Our vege patties are great with chutneys, salads, or your favourite low-fat spread! They come in either whole wheat or organic spelt crust and kids lov’em!

Vege Patty mild vegan  vege hut
soy protein flavored with mild spices

Vege Patty spicy vegan vege hut

soy protein flavored with spices and cayenne pepper

Vege Patty mixed vegetables vegan vege hut
soy protein added to your daily veggies (peas, carrots and corn)

Vege Patty curried potato n’ chick pea vegan vege hut
a curried, flavorful favourite!

Apple Turnovers vege hut
if you like homemade apple pie, then try this sugar free treat!

Blueberry Turnovers vege hut
Mmmm…indulge in this blueberry treat without the guilt—it’s sugar free!